In-School Programs

String, Woodwind and Brass ensembles bring hands-on training and ensemble performances into the schools through programs designed to complement and enhance your school music program. Study materials included for most programs.

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Look for these programs in the Nassau and Suffolk BOCES directories.

In-School Programs costs vary according to ensemble size.  Please contact:
Jane Park, Education Coordinator • • 631.293.2223 ext. 120

Around the World in Music (K-5) Babar the Elephant (PreK-4)
Bach to Rock (4-8) Beauty and the Beast  (PreK-5)
Berlioz the Bear and Friends (PreK-3) Broadway Beat (1-6)

Classical Meets Jazz (6-12)

Dance Around the World (1-6)
Fairy Tales & Fantasies (PreK-6)

Forbidden Music: Music from the Holocaust

(6-12 & college)

The Frog Prince (K-5)

Harmony and Haiku (3-6)

The House that Ruthie Built (1-6)

Peter and the Wolf (PreK-5)

Tikki Tikki Tembo and The Flying Head (K-6) Witches and Wizards (K-6)
Instrumental Coaching by Long Island Philharmonic Musicians (3-12) Long Island Philharmonic Performance Partners (6-12)
Woodwind, Brass or String Ensemble Performance/Workshop (3-12)    



Around the World in Music
Grades K-5

Travel around the world with the Long Island Philharmonic String Quintet as you learn about the instruments and some of the world’s greatest music. You’ll visit Japan, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic and the USA, meeting many famous composers along the way.

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Babar the Elephant
Grades PreK-4

Jean de Brunhoff’s stories featuring Babar, Cornelius, Celeste and Arthur come to life. The circus sets this story about Babar growing up to be king of the realm. Students are introduced to the instruments with music by Stravinsky, Milhaud, Saint-Saëns, Ponchielli and others performed by the LI Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet. Babar’s story, as told by a professional actor/mime, is intertwined with the music of Poulenc.

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Bach to Rock
Grades 4-8

The LI Philharmonic String Quartet takes you on a journey through music history as it performs works by Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Coldplay, and others. Along the way, students will learn about many musical forms, including Classical, Romantic, and Rock, and acoustic instruments, as well as answer questions about life as a professional musician. 

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Beauty and the Beast
Grades PreK-5

The Long Island Philharmonic Woodwind Trio and a professional acting ensemble collaborate to tell the story of Beauty and the Beast. 

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Berlioz the Bear and Friends
Grades PreK-3

Berlioz has a buzz in his bass fiddle and gets stuck in the mud. Will he make it to the ball? Long Island Philharmonic string players present the story of Berlioz the Bear with help from students playing the role of the animals. Children will learn about how sound is made, musical concepts such as high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow, short and long, etc., and about the instruments telling the story through the music of Rossini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Saëns and other great classical composers.

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Broadway Beat
Grades 1-6

Travel to Broadway with your students without leaving your school. The Long Island Philharmonic String Quartet performs the music of Annie, The Sound of Music, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia, and others. Students get to be part of the show.

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Classical Meets Jazz
Grades 6-12

Meet Long Island Philharmonic’s dynamic Music Director, David Stewart Wiley. An accomplished Jazz and Classical pianist as well as conductor and composer, Maestro Wiley (piano) and Orchestra members (flute, percussion and bass) perform works by Jazz legend Claude Bolling and Ragtime composer Scott Joplin and one of Ameria's best-known composers, George Gershwin. Maestro Wiley will talk about the Blues, Ragtime, the use of improvisation in Jazz, and Claude Bolling’s use of Classical forms and Jazz elements in his music.

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Dance Around the World
Grades 1-6

Take a world tour with the Long Island Philharmonic String Quartet or Trio, joined by a dancer, performing dance music from around the world, including march, ballet, polka, waltz, tango, and many other works by some of Classical music’s greatest composers. The musicians also demonstrate their instruments, answer questions, and talk about the countries where the dance forms originated.

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Fairy Tales & Fantasies
Grades PreK-6

Let the composers teach your students about classic fairy tales and fantasies through music. A Long Island Philharmonic string quartet, string quintet, or string trio/quartet with flute perform the music of Sleeping Beauty, Scheherazade, The Nutcracker, The Magic Flute and others, and talk about the literature upon which the music is based.

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Forbidden Music: Music from the Holocaust
Grades 6-12 & college

Discover the power of the spirit over oppression. The Long Island Philharmonic String Quartet & Soprano perform music written inside Nazi concentration camps by Jewish composers, many of whom perished. This riveting middle/high school/college program teaches about censorship, propaganda, resistance, and survival with Holocaust artwork and poetry as the background for the music. Includes extensive study materials and visual arts presentation.

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The Frog Prince
Grades K-5

The Long Island Philharmonic Woodwind Trio and a trio of actors present Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Frog Prince in another one of the Philharmonic’s wonderful literature-based programs.

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Harmony and Haiku
Grades 3-6

Creativity abounds as the LI Philharmonic String Quartet/Quintet engages students through words, music and art. Students create original works of art based on the music. They write haikus, the ancient Japanese poetry art form. The musicians set the haikus to music, accompanied by students playing percussion. Children learn about how words, music and rhythm work together through themes by Saint-Saëns and Mozart. Note: details for submitting student creations will be discussed in advance.

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The House that Ruthie Built
Grades K-6

Ruthie, whose dream is to become a professional baseball player, goes on a tour of Yankee Stadium and accidentally gets left behind. After meeting one of the groundskeepers, Ruthie competes in a batting contest at Yankee Stadium and becomes the heroine of the Long Island Philharmonic Woodwind Trio's (and three actors) story. This fun program is filled with team spirit, girl power, Yankee history and lots of great music.

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Peter and the Wolf
Grades PreK-5

The Long Island Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet brings the classic story of Peter and the Wolf to life through Prokofiev’s delightful music. A professional actor/mime tells the tale, introduces the instruments and engages the students in the story.

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Tikki Tikki Tembo and The Flying Head
Grades K-6

The Long Island Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet and narrator present Tikki Tikki Tembo, a Chinese folk tale and delightful children’s book about a little boy with a very long name, as well as The Flying Head, an old Indian tale.

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Witches and Wizards
Grades K-6

Enter the Long Island Philharmonic Quintet’s world of magical music as the players, representing all the families of the Orchestra, demonstrate their instruments, and perform The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Harry Potter, The Firebird, Swan Lake, The Wizard of Oz, and other selections. Students will learn about how composers create images of witchcraft and sorcery and write music based on literature.

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Instrumental Coaching by Long Island Philharmonic Musicians
Grades 3-12

Long Island Philharmonic woodwind, brass, percussion and string musicians coach band and orchestra students on instrumental techniques and skills in sectional rehearsals, in preparation for concerts or NYSSMA.

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Long Island Philharmonic Performance Partners
Grades 4-12

Long Island Philharmonic offers residencies for school orchestras, bands, and choruses. The partnership includes sectional rehearsals, intense coaching sessions and personal interaction with professional musicians, a conductor’s rehearsal, a dress rehearsal, and a public side-by-side concert with the Long Island Philharmonic for parents, students, and the community.The repertoire is chosen jointly by music teachers and Philharmonic Music Director David Stewart Wiley (subject to availability), and is woven into the school curriculum.

The program is designed to help students develop a lifelong interest in music and open their minds to the opportunities available to them through music.

See photos from past residencies:

Uniondale High School

The Wheatley School

Hempstead Schools

Westbury High School

Jericho Schools

For more information about beginning a residency program in your school, please contact Long Island Philharmonic Education Coordinator Jane Park at 631.293.2223 ext. 120 or

Nassau BOCES Arts-in-Education at 516.396.2345.

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Woodwind, Brass or String Ensemble Performance/Workshop
Grades 3-12

Long Island Philharmonic woodwind, brass and string ensembles bring hands-on training into the schools through programs that complement and enhance your own school music program. Teachers choose from a range of programs, including: instrument introduction to help young students choose an instrument, workshops, sectional rehearsals, master classes, side-by-side rehearsals for band/orchestra students, and more.

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For more information about MusicLIvz, Long Island Philharmonic's Arts-In-Education Program,
contact Jane Park, Education Coordinator • • 631.293.2223 ext. 120


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